University of Sheffield MA Landscape Architecture

Special Project 2020

My vision was to  address air pollution problems in Manchester while simultaneously creating new green spaces for people in the city centre by reclaiming space from car parks and roads. The aim was to have the city car free within five years and implement an increasing car ban in the city centre.

My aims and objectives for this project were:

  • To reclaim space from cars in the city centre.

  • To create places for people.

  • To plant trees and clean the air in Manchester.

  • To improve cycle routes.

It my hope that I bring a new healthy lease of life to the city for it’s pedestrians and cyclists alike and add greenspace to the stories of others who spend time here in the future

MA2 Special Project Research and Development Study

This project served as a precursor to my final special project that I am currently working on.


As the title suggests 'Reclaiming Space, Enhancing Place', I am reclaiming car parks for green infrastructure to improve air quality and access to greenspace in Manchester.

What continues to be most challenging in this project is the approach that I have taken which aims to balance environmental, social and economic sustainability equally.

MA2 Maintaining Green Infrastructure

Maintenance is not about the static or so this project has taught me. It is more about realistic possibilities and thinking outside of the box.

'Maintaining' the Ponderosa in Sheffield which is a large public park suffering from low levels of biodiversity and high levels of invasive species was a challenge but ultimately a wonderful learning experience about how to think ecologically rather than horticulturally and use nature's systems to harness maintainable change in the future.

MA2 Landscape Planning

Taking an experimental approach in this project paid off. We explored complex concepts such as 'Spectrum of Fluidty.'

Within this landscape planning module hydrological systems needed to find a way to regenerate a public park with former landfill uses. 


The concept was 'Spectrum and Fluidity' which sought to look for preconceptions and language to redefine this landscape in dialogue with hydrological systems.


This was a  group project however the video was completed by myself, along with the perspectives and drawings. 

Urban Flow Perspective

MA1 Phase 1 Grey to Green , Sheffield

This project focused on the implementation of SUDS through Sheffield as part of the Grey to Green scheme. 

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