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Exploring psychological and cultural permutations of space guide the focus of Kate Peel's practice.

When making work she thinks about how changing the context of space can relocate it into a new spectrum of reference.

Her work is deeply embedded in the appropriation of images and material. She  see's this as a kind of recycling of possible meaning that touches on both the personal and the cultural.

The work is influenced by popular culture and Pop Art and questions of representation while breaking things down and rebuilding them in a somewhat surreal vision.

The work engages with drawing, printmaking and digital practices.

Kate Peel’s work contains intricate details while also seeming quite minimalist. Therefore, it pops out and allures you to view the work and think about it more than once rather than walking past. It works to catch your eye and interpret it in your way while also contrasting itself beautifully that it allows for reflection on the work itself.

– Joshua Obara Norwood (Curator and Director @ the Meta Space Gallery)

Peel's artwork captivates viewers with its intricate details and minimalist aesthetic, compelling them to pause and
contemplate instead of simply moving past. The artwork catches the attention and welcomes various interpretations,
creating a stunning contrast that promotes introspection. Peel's artistic approach centers around delving into the
psychological and cultural dimensions of space, considering how modifying its context can redefine its importance.
She incorporates the appropriation of images and materials, seeing it as a way to recycle potential meanings that
encompass both personal and cultural spheres.

- Lisa Gray, The Flux Review

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